「光の魔術師」MASARU OZAKIによる光のアートプロジェクト。

今まで建物やオブジェなど色んなものに光を当ててきたのですが、街を歩いていてふと木を見上げた時、子供の頃木に登ったり抱きついたりして遊んだ記憶が蘇ったことがあります。あの頃、木はどこにでもある親しい存在でした。しかし都市の開発が進むにつれ、すっかり少なくなってしまいました。高層ビルなどの影にひっそり立っているその木を見て、忘れられようとしている存在樹木や道ばたに咲く草花に光を当てたい、自然の強さや大切さを思い出してほしい。そんな気持ちからこのプロジェクトを立ち上げました。とMASARU OZAKI氏はインタビューでも語っています。

「光の魔法」 ライトツリープロジェクトの始まりです。

What is Light Tree Project?

Light Tree Project” is an art project with light, created by MASARU OZAKI the ‘Magician of Light’.

MASARU OZAKI mentioned in an interview,

So far I have put light on buildings and various objects, but when I was once walking through town, and looked up at a tree, I had flashbacks of my childhood, when I used to climb and hug trees, and play.  In those days, trees were something you could find anywhere, and was a familiar presence.  But as urban-development went on, there became less and less green.  When I saw a tree that was silently standing amongst the shades of high rise buildings, I felt I wanted to put a spot light on this presence, which was beginning to become forgotten…  A spotlight on the trees and flowers that blossom out on the roadside, so everyone can be reminded of the importance of nature.  I launched this project with that feeling.”

A precious life which coexist with humans.  This is a challenge to bring a new life into trees and plants, which are already ‘alive’. 

By using art on the theme ‘green’, which brings nature’s feel in our life, and is something you can find amongst housing, parks, schools and all over town; a common daily scene around us is turned into ‘A New World’.

So let the LIGHT TREE PROJECT, ‘Magic by Light’ begin.

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